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I have a sudden urge to fly Cathay Pacific after one exposure to this ad campaign

“I was the weird new kid nobody would talk to”, explains air hostess Alice Wong of her experience growing up, one day realising that “making friends is all about knowing how to talk to people”. Yes that, and… WAIT! Look how ADORABLE AND HAPPY SHE IS!

Link takes you to Cathay Pacific Airways' website with all staff profiles and videos

Alice is one of nearly 100 real-life staff who are profiled on the website of Cathay Pacific Airways, each with their little story, pictures, 30-second TV advert and even… downloadable wallpapers.

The idea is that an airline can only be as good as its people — and it sure helps if they’re all as adorable as this.

And guess what? Most of them are. Someone, somewhere at a random media agency, GETS IT.

We’ll leave you with wallpaper of Nadia Hung, who likes to “inspire people”. Good work, Nadia — my ticket to Hong Kong’s booked.

[Cathay Pacific Airways - 'People' campaign]